[Request] Searching for someone who is able to make vehicles

First off, I’m with a GMod Community called DarkFraction, I’ve come here because we have a US Army roleplay server that needs some help with vehicles. We will be having a lot of new stuff when GMod 13 is released and Clockwork ( gamemode being made by Kurozael ). Because we are changing a lot and a lot of addons wont be working when GMod 13 is released we need someone who can make us a vehicle which functions without any major issues.

We don’t need people who can do amazing stuff with wire or the toolgun. Our community needs someone who can code and model working vehicles ( preferably Humvee’s, tanks, trucks, etc. ). If you wish to know more about DarkFraction or anything else then send me a message or visit the forum at >>> http://dark-fraction.com/ <<<

We also have an ArmA: II server and a secondary GMod 12 server ( Semi-Serious City Life Roleplay )

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