Request - SG Infinity DHD Ref's

I’m willing to make a Stargate Infinity DHD but i barley find any good reference pictures, if some one wants me to make it, and is willing to search some good refs, please post them here.

Thanks in advance, Boba Fett

I made these my self by viewing a couple episode’s on you tube and prints, but ya lowq and such, but hey its something.

If some find any better please post :slight_smile:

Wrong section.

Nope i’m in Garry’s Mod > Screenshots and Movies and i need screenshots so I’m right

Edit: Texture Done view the wip here:

The Release:

So you need an screenshot of an armored dude(with a scar in the eye) looking infront of that prop you made?

What will you give us for it?

Making screenshots is srs bsns

Ha no.

This is the Garry’s Mod screenshots section. This section is for screenshots taken in Garry’s Mod. You are not posing any Garry’s Mod screenshots, nor are you asking for them. You are asking for reference pictures for a model/texture you want to make for Garry’s Mod, therefore your thread should be in the Models/Skins section.