Request: Silent hill Mannequin ragdoll for Garry's Mod

can someone please rig the Silent hill Mannequin model to Garry’s Mod please.

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please Rig the Silent hill Mannequin model for Garry’s Mod and post the download link in this thread or upload the model to Thanks.

Isnt there one in the Silent Hill model pack on

no can you please rig the model from silent hill and rig it to gmod? please

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if anyone know how to rig and port models to gmod can anyone please port and rig the silent hill mannequin model to gmod please

if someone can rig the silent hill mannequin model please do Thanks :slight_smile:

Asking every few hours wont speed up the space time continuum.
Give it a few days maybe a week and if nothing changes, Means 2 things

  1. Nobody wants to do it due to lack of resources
  2. Has not been completed yet and still in the Works.

It’s not in that pack, only has most characters, and a few monsters like Pyramid Head HD and Silent Hill 3 monsters.

k if someone does do the mode then please tell me if its in the works cause i cant wait to make a gmod silent hill movie with it :smiley:

Even without 1 model, you can still make a Movie :stuck_out_tongue: Missing one part of a puzzle wont be a big deal, you can still See what it is. xD

can you please atleast make it please?

I’m pretty sure there’s no one around who can do that at the moment.