Request - Skateboard

I’m working on a personal project, and in order to continue, I need a very detailed skateboard model. I tried to make it myself, and failed miserably.
What I need is a skateboard model, but it has to be detailed, with bones, attachments, all of that. Starting with the truck:

I need all of the separate parts, as seen here:

put together, preferably with their own skins, although that may be more material-type work, in which case I can do it.

I need the two big parts, the silver part on the left (hanger) and the red on the right (baseplate) to be seperate bones, or at least to be able to bend like this:

and on the actually board part, I’d need the screws and griptape to be skinnable, and attachments at these stars:

sorry for making it so complicated, but it should all make sense if you know your way around a skateboard. I’m kind of in debt by a few hundred bucks, but if I have enough money, I’ll definitely pay for this.

You could try grabbing one of the skateboards on, and reskinning it. I’m not too sure about making bones and whatnot though, I have zero experience with 3dsMax or anything for that matter.

I don’t either, I got a student version for free and I’ve barely touched it :frowning:
I thought about getting one of the free ones, but I think it might be harder to edit one than to just start from scratch, for what I’m trying to get out of it

Someone ported the skateboard from THPS HD and I got it into gmod. Let me upload it.


Perhaps you can use these
Here you go. You’re going to need the “Legacy Addons Browser” from the Steam workshop.