[REQUEST] Smash Mansion/Smash HQ/Smash Castle/Smash SYKW

Hello, I am requesting (Are requests allowed here? There’s no rules {Well there *was *but **now **there isn’t} a map of the Smash Mansion, based off the Fanfiction (Yes, Fanfiction, there is nothing wrong with requesting something from a fanfiction {Unless its something that will only lead to a flame war) Vengeance.

For Garry’s Mod, by the way.

Have a quote or two (or six);

Then there’s the Hallways and the Smasher set’s rooms (Namely Legend of Zelda)

[SUP][SUB]That would also include the 5 Melee-only characters (Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, Dr. Mario, Young Link). There could also be a version with only the 25 characters that are in Melee.[/SUB][/SUP]

Also, Kirby’s room;

The Training room;

And the ground floor…

And the Dining room.

Melee = Eagleland, Onett

Brawl = Smashville

Strife = I’ll get back to you on that when SSB4 gets some information (Apparently Jan. 31)

I’d like the map to be for posing, not so much an entire mod. That could mean that there could be ragdolls for the things that move.

[SUB][SUP][SUB][SUB][OFFTOPIC/OFFTHREAD] [/SUB][/SUB][SUB][SUB]While I’m here , does anyone know how to rip scenes from a PC game (namely Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Negatron)? I’ve tried 3D Ripper DX, but that didn’t work at all, even though the game [Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Negatron] uses DirectX 8, and 3D Ripper DX supports Direct X 8 (Yes I **do **own the CD). I’d like to go and edit them as 3D models in 3DS Max to enhance the feeling of what’s going on (And add lighting, for that matter.)[/SUB][/SUB][/SUP][/SUB]

I doubt anyone will do this for free, as it sounds like a massive project

I’m not even sure this is possible in the Source engine.

By “this” do you mean a poseable version or a version with controls/buttons to allow the things to work?

Any of it. 20000 square feet is almost 2 kilometers, Source can only handle half a mile squared at best; That’s less than half of the area of the mansion. Not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of individual rooms, with custom furniture and textures for each room… It’d overload the limits very fast.