request: some vocaloids

hello, I am fettucini. I like vocaloid. And I have a gmod server (dedicated, only when I am playing) and I have all the vocaloid stuff on it. But the problem is, I need a couple more player models to mess with, miku gets boring really fast and rin is just eh… if you need me to help you find the links to the miku miku dance models (I read a thread earlier that showed it is possible to convert them to the program they have be made in) i will (only if I truly have to). The models I would like are (from list of “most important” to “id like to have as well”):
*meiko sakine
*kagamine len (rin exists, but not the brother counterpart)
*kasane teto

and thats about it. thank you (if you help).
if you cant really help (ie. you dont want to do it), then tell me how to do it (converting, placing the hl2 bone system in, etc.).

you dont have to put request before the actual title. it makes you look gay


eh, i wanted to delete the post above. is there anyone at all who can help with this?

How about pming the people who actually port from vocaloid?

like who though?

Whats the server IP? Sounds fun.

I dont know what the ip is, i just run it.