Request: Sonic Generations models in .obj format

Can someone please upload the character models from Sonic Generations in .obj format? The ONLY format that’s on are .dae files, and there’s absolutely NO way to import the .dae files into 3ds max with textures included, making the model pretty much unusable:

and i don’t feel like manually applying each individual texture either. Plus, I’m trying to rig this to my OWN skeleton, not the one included with the .dae file.

It’s not hard to apply materials.

open up the material editor (m) then make sure it’s in “compact material editor mode” (has spheres) drop the texture onto the spheres and apply to the model. if there are more than one material, try to sample it from the model, and you should get a multi-material material. Then just drop the texture onto the various objects and it should update.

Or download blender and export the model into fbx/obj.

You can use Noesis to convert them to any format you need 'em in.

…but the models you’re referring to aren’t just DAE, there’s SMDs for the majority of them. Most programs I know of have an importer for that format.