Request Spiral Staircase

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been searching here and there for a spiral staircase prop that I can use in Gmod 13 but I’ve had no luck .

This is a plea for you talented modellers out there to take pity on me - hey it’s almost Christmas -

I would like two variations that are wide enough for two people .

An inside model:

An outside model:

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to any replies!


Spiral staircases are finicky things in Source because of player hitboxes.

Hey Teh pirate ,

Thank you for the reply .

Pity about the spiral staircases… can I be really cheeky and make another request then?

Would something like this be possible?

And some indoor models?



It is possible to make a spiral staircase with brushes (mapping related) however bots and npcs don’t really like them.

Hey Stiffy,

What I had in mind was for the models to be able to be spawned in game (in Garrysmod) as individual prop in an RP server - allowing the player to run up and down… or possibly take a nose dive off . As for the NPC’s or Bots… they wouldn’t be present .

Any staircase models(props?) similar to the pictures provided would be great!


Am I allowed to bump this? :wink:

I’ll try to make you one, but I can’t promise it’ll look amazing. about how high do you want it? and do you want me to try and make modular pieces?

I’d be grateful for anything - it just has to be ready to roll so it can be spawned and moved into position however the player wants to use it in game .

A job for Propper?

a little of both. (spiral railing would be suicide in hammer.

You could maybe set up the stacker tool with some little plates to make a spiral pattern.