REQUEST: Swep Hexing.

Hello. I have this Swep for GMod that I really want to be improved to have MY kind of look and sound.

The original Swep:

The Model I would like:

All I want is for my VModel to be this Mateba model…I dont really care about the world models…do it if you want but I really only want the VM.

As for sounds. I want this thing to sound like it packs a punch, and its heavy as hell. A real bad-ass magnum.

I would highly appreciate and give all credit to the member who creates this. If I decide to upload it on I promise you my life your credit will be given.

Kind Regards and Best of Luck,

This sounds like you want a weapon made not anything even remotely related to hexing (appart from maybe hexing the vmodel so it doesn’t replace something in CSS but meh). You want the lua section for SWEPS.

Okay mate.
Well hey if you know a tutorial I can see with a noob-proof way to switch VModels without a shit ton of work let me know haha.
If I can learn how to switch the VModels I can easily just change the sounds in the directory.


open the shared.lua in the lua/weapons/(weapon name) folder of whatever weapon your trying to replace the v_model or w_model of and where it says:

SWEP.ViewModel = Model( "models/weapons/v_stuncombn.mdl" );
SWEP.WorldModel = Model( "models/weapons/w_stunbaton.mdl" );

(in this case its for a stun baton SWEP). You change the paths to that of the model you want to replace it with, such as:

SWEP.ViewModel = Model( "models/props/v_hammer.mdl" );
SWEP.WorldModel = Model( "models/props/w_hammer.mdl" );

(hammer is a made up model in this case).

Sounds easy enough but I only have one more question.
Do I just put the new VModel in the Vmodel folder for that specified weapon or do I put it in the huge VModel folder with ALL of the VModels in it

Whatever path the model is in (like: models/weapons) leave it there, if you move it out of that it will not work.

Edit: you can move the top folder into a different models folder if thats what you mean (in the above case of models/weapons, weapons is the top folder, everything in the weapons folder must remain in the weapons folder to work).

Mkay =)
I appreciate the help.

I hope to find a tutorial on how to make a swep one day.
Without having to have an exceptional knowledge in LUA =/



Okay I ran into a problem.
When I downloaded this model from the fpsbanana section DevHub/Models/Pistols

All I got were these .max ,.fbx and .smd’s.

Why isnt there a VModel and a WModel?O_o

They probberly are, but what you have there are source files not an actual processed/compiled model.

Also np, glad to help ^^

So there’s no way I can reskin the gun with these? =(

Well if you have the textures you can technically reskin it, but you will have to compile the SMD (after checking what it is) to actually have it in-game.

I could have sworn that Kermite’s Mateba sounded and fired exactly like the raging bull swep, seeing as I used to have both.