Request: "Take All"-Button

Hey yo

I just saw a youtube video of a older Rust-version.

What i saw was there was a button, to take all stuff with only one click! I hate it when I loot something and I have to drag and drop every… single… item…

Will this button ever come back?

I sure hope not!
That button makes it way too easy to just grab everything off of something and get out before being killed…

It’s part of the game doing it by hand. If someone can kill me and take all my Kevlar in a split second without letting my buddies get a shot on him it would be unfair. If you raid a base you have to physically put yourself at risk as you loot. A take all button is a cheat in my opinion and will probably end up on an exploit client soon enough.

There used to be this, they removed it.

We desperately need this as well as shift clicking. You have no idea how many times I have been shot in the face because I was spending time with my head in a bag, even while killing zombies as well!

In real life you can grab a whole backpack. It would be the same idea.

Can you make an M4 out of low quality metal with just a workbench? This is a game and isn’t real life.

In that case I would say you’d be able to pick up the entire bag but you’d have a speed penalty until you dropped the bag again… Should stay interesting now shouldnt it?

I like it in its current state. Looting should take time for gameplay reasons (risk/reward).

The only thing I would change:
Give players the ability to move during looting. If you move too far away from the body then it will close the loot window automatically.

I think that they should at least enable us to Shift+Click items to send them to inventory. You would still need to click each item.

Agreed. They need to bring back “loot all.” I grow tired of being attacked by zombies while looting their packs. It’s obnoxious.

Then kill the zombies before looting, I could agree to being able to pickup a backpack and carry it elsewhere to loot (for player loot ect) with a movespeed penalty, but looting all gear in 1 click would make it too easy to kill and run instead of having to sort through it and chance being killed…

Zombies randomly spawn, you know that right? I mean, they’ll spawn just a few yards from you as you are looting packs. It’s nuts.

Looting is supposed to be as dangerous as harvesting and everything else in this game. You should have to decide on whether to grab everything or just be quick and take the best. This is the inherent danger in breaking into someone’s house or robbing them. A loot all button will negate this danger and doesn’t fit with the direction Rust is going.

I personally do not want a loot all option but I do wish that it was easier to either drag and drop or shift click items into my inventory. I find the current inventory slightly buggy but it’s in alpha so I understand. It probably will be fixed later in the future but in a way I would not like a loot all button.