Request - The Return of the Hit Marker...

Is there any plan or chance we get get a hit marker back like in most other shooters? I miss the reinforcement that I actually hit someone when we’re trading rounds with bolts from 200m away.

Learn to look for blood fountains like the rest of us people?

Yeah…because you can see that 200m out…at night…in the dark…come on. Also, I don’t know about you, but I sure as shit don’t fire a shot and then stand there trying to figure out if I hit someone by staring at them.

You shouldn’t be able to see if you hit someone 200m away at night. And you don’t have to stand there, but if you don’t get shot at for a while you might try going to see if you got them.

The tension of not knowing is awesome. I snuck up on a guy at night laying siege to our base and unloaded a revolver on him at about 4 meters. Then I ran and hid behind a wall and waited. I heard his foot steps as he ran then nothing. After about 30 seconds I ran out and found him dead behind a rock. It was pretty damn fun.

agree with that. back hitmarker!

that’s really the whole point. other than them falling over, you probably CAN’T tell if you hit them or not. i’d hate to see hitmarkers return. i think we’ve gotten lazy thanks to FPS games that DO provide them to reassure us our bullets have hit something.

In a game like Rust (especially in alpha), I would want hit confirmation only because of the combination of hitboxes and latency. Otherwise, the less others can tell about how wounded I am, the better.

Agreed. That’s part of the fog of war.

People have been spoiled with modern FPSes. To me, it robs the game of some immersion. I like the uncertainty of battle. Not knowing if you killed a target at range. Not even knowing WHO that target is.

EDIT: I may be suffering from “old man syndrome” here. I tell you, back in my day, we didn’t have all these fancy tools in video games…

Why would you even waste ammo shooting a 200m far away player?

Because a good marksman with a bolt action can easily take down a target at that range. I’ll be honest - my marksmanship sucks and if I can hit anything at over 100m, I consider it luck. It’s why I don’t normally carry a bolt action other than for hunting. Even then, I prefer a bow. lol

But I’ve seen many people who can make those long range shots a very high percentage of the time.

I shot a guy with a bow from about 100-120 meters last night. I was able to see the cloth cloud from the impact, and see him flinch. What more do you need?

BTW, just to brag a little it was a pretty awesome kill. He shot me and my friend with a Thompson, but I managed to run a little and got behind a small hill. I fell down wounded then revived after a few seconds.

I found him just a little ways away mining some ore, popped him with an arrow (the 100-120 meter shot). Then he came after me again, and I waited at the top of the hill with the bow ready. I could hear his foot steps, and right as he came over the rise I shot him in the head from about 10 meters and killed him. I only had 13 health, lol.

Lesson learned, always finish someone off!

I know we shouldn’t have it, I know it’s not “real”, I know it will break immersion or all those other things. I can accept that.

But I’ve talked to a lot of other people who agreeed with me, seeing that hit marker pop up felt like being a lab rat finding the cheese, I’m sure it caused an actual release of endorphins. I’ve also seen comments about the trade off between realism and gameplay.

I think this has already been thought about and they won’t change things. I can respect that decision.

Doubt they will bring it back tbh. Sadly its probably the same case for the headshot sound, it was so satisfying hearing the splat sound after hitting a headshot in Legacy.

under normal circumstances, I’d say I don’t need hitmarkers.
But right now with the latency as it is, I’d like to see them return for a short period of time.
It happens often to me that I hit another player with like 4 arrows and see blood everytime and they don’t die but hit me dead with a fucking stonehatchet … but if I get hit with an arrow in the left pinky I drop to 40/100 hp instantly and bleed out afterwards … so I’d really like to know if I really hit them or not …

Eh? I have been stabbed like 13 times before while standing still without dieing. I am guessing the same thing can happen with arrows, but i personally always it was due to hitting non vital body parts

not too hard to kill anyone with bolt action on that distance.