[REQUEST] This hurts my head. (Ultimo's Daikaiju for GMod)

Hi all,
I may seem a bit demanding, and if I am, feel free to ignore this post.
I have been trying to play around with Ultimo’s ported Kaiju models (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1423411) for SFM, and port them over to GMod, but I can’t do it.
The reason for this is that while I can get the files, I can’t make physics models! Nowhere on the internet seems to have a conclusive answer, and I am entirely stuck on what to do.
I would like some assistance on this issue!
If someone could help me get these models ported over to GMod, I would love you forever. :slight_smile:

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(I don’t know if this is okay, but bump.)

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Please? I really need help…

Don’t bump after 10 minutes. Minimum time should be 2 days.

Okay, sorry. I’m just eager to get some help on this. I won’t do that again.

2 Days have passed. Bump.