Request thread for pepakura!!! Backwater Gospel

Hey, I’m new to the forum. just started today, Essentially I’m only really here for one reason, & That is because I have found Pepakura files nowhere for models from a short-film called the Backwater Gospel. I’ve found an extreme love for this film & being a collecter, would love to own some characters from the film(Only problem is; no action figures & no pep files for character models) The art-style is simple & carries a mixture of style looks of Borderlands & a Gorillaz music video. The characters are so rich & fun to look at, but there is also a certain kind of ugly beauty & it would be so simple, if somebody could even find character maps & attatch tabs I’d super dig it. Anyway, that’s enough of this thread, here are some of the images of the characters. Have a good one guys!

Wouldn’t this require complete re-modeling of them? That’s quite a lot of work.

Well, now that you put it that way, it does seem like it would be. I’ll see if I can get the models from the creators, either Bo Mathorne or Arthur Gil Larson should have them. Were I to recieve said models would anybody on here be willing to create unfolds for the character minatures I’m looking for? I have no skill whatsoever when it comes to pepping files & it would mean a lot to me if somebody could do that. Haha, anyway, thank you for your post! Have a good one!