[REQUEST] Three requests, Roy, Peach, Tabuu, Subspace Enemies, Mr. Game and Watch, and Olimar

Hi, I’m requesting some ragdolls. Two of said models ↑ have some ports, namely Peach and Olimar are ported in XNALara, and there’s an updated (texture wise) Roy ported to Brawl (and was also mentionedin the Brawl Ragdoll Thread)

Tabuu and the Subspace Enemies should be in Brawl, and I’m almost certain there’s some sort of model for Mr. G&W, as if you look closely at the model when thrown, it’s a model, something along the lines of the flat models in Hanenbow as well as the Flat Zone stages, but a model.

So, is anyone going to port them? [SUB]I don’t really need them in a full pack[SUB] (Because, as we know, that would be a fairly long wait [SUB][SUB]It took about a year for these models to come out[/SUB][/SUB][/SUB][/SUB]


**[/SUB]Several requests, not three, sorry.


Y’know, someone should update the Brawl models to have face/eye/finger posing, and maybe update Mario to have a normal shader.

Because that lightwarp really doesn’t fit in with everyone else’s.