Request to port models with the animations assigned to them and ragdoll from COD AW for gmod Exo Z snpcs project

I’m decent at vj base npc making however I can’t port models and animations. to the point I really want to make exo zombie snpcs and I need models of them ported to source from call of duty advanced warfare to work in gmod and for them to have the in game animations assigned to the model. like how the normal hl2 characters have walk, run, jump, hit, die, ect. I want the common exo zombies from riot and outbreak the normal walking and running, also the infection round host boss and I don’t need the infection system I just wanted that zombie and the zombie doberman. also possibly the Goliath and special zombies like the exploding green zombie and red rage zombie. also with the common zombies for alot of them to have exo suits on them like in the game. I’ve tried to do this myself but I’m tbh at a brickwall here. Please help, requesting help on this it would really mean alot to me if someone could port this for me. I have the sounds and could even more than likely script them to work but I need the models with the animations assigned to them. Thank you in advance. Also I don’t want them to gib if possible but if not I could just disable it in vj settings. and if the ragdoll is too much trouble I could just use the die animations instead. Also Thank you in advance. Also I know its alot but I really appreciate the help, thank you to each of you in advance.

requesting help please… also I didn’t mean to be soo blunt. I just was trying to be to the point is all.