[Request] Tool that lets you have a prop be damageable, and have a "damage"/"broken" model

Basically, I had the idea of a tool that when you right click on a model, it selects it. In the context menu, you select a “damaged” or “broken” model via copy to clip board. You select how much damage it takes for the base model to change into that “damaged”/“broken” model.

I got the idea when destroying tanks in CoD:WaW’s Eastern Campaign. Made me think of recreating tank battles or anti-tank scenes in GMod. Good idea? Y/N.

Since there is no suggestions and requests section anymore, i don’t know where else to put it other than here.

another nice idea would be metal bending and breaking when it gets hit hard enough.


I remember that ages ago CapsAdmin? made something like this. It is entirely possible, but it will be hard finding damaged models for each prop. What would be easier is to make the prop change colour to a dark one just like in Battlefield 1942 where tanks would simply turn black and throw off a few metal pieces :stuck_out_tongue: As for the metal bending that would be pretty much impossible in real time.

Again about the damageable entities. A wild idea. You can give the health amount and a special tag to every entity you click with your stool. Then maybe hook into the EntityTakeDamage gamemode hook and add a check that if an entity with such tag is attacked, subtract it’s health. If it reaches zero, unweld it from other entities and turn it black, or spawn an explosion and completely remove it.

I’m going to try doing something like this on my own, but I don’t have time at this moment :slight_smile:

There was a Breakable Props tool way back when, didn’t have any damage modeling or anything, the props would just get darker as they took damage then eventually catch fire and explode. Can’t remember if I ever got it to work for gm13 or not…

you refer to this addon:
Unfortunately it does not work :frowning: