Request: Tower Defence

Hello fellow Gmodders, I am here to request a new gamemode, If it is possible. I want to play a tower defence like there was on on starcraft: brood war… remember? It was super awesome and i think Gmod is a good medium for such a game. So I don’t have much to offer, but I will give a DOTA2 invite to anyone up to the task, and maybe some other enthusiastic players would like to add the the prize pool. Thanks for listening and I look forward to any efforts!

Witch tower defence on starcraft: brood war. It where a few mods that i would call tower defence

Any really, the concept is more important then the design in this case.
What I think of as a good tower defence:

  1. Enemies walk on a predefined path, and have a start point and an end point
  2. enemies that reach the end point take lives - you only get so many
    3.Enemies gain health/speed each level
  3. at least 5 different towers and upgradable for damage or other upgrades
  4. each kill adds money and towers + upgrades cost money

I think all that is possible and it might even be easier then it sounds. I think a good interface would be a duplicator-like stool to place and upgrade towers and a permanant no-clip. I have never created anything for gmod like this and I don’t know how it works but i assume the hardest part is going to be the walking animations and scripting the npcs to move on the path. If some coder could size this job up and tell me if its possible or not i would be happy with just that. If its gonna be like making a whole game or something rediculous its not really worth it, but I think it would be really cool to see! Thanks for any responses.

I’ve played something exactly like this in gmod 12, even tough i think it died out a few months after release.

What if you could build / customize your own towers then, which would bring some of the sandbox-thingy into the gamemode.

I like the idea.

I vaguely remember there being one but i cant find anything about it or the files to play it. plus it would be broken now anyway even if i could.

Sass is TD-ish. If it will ever come back up and be more balanced, that is.