[REQUEST] Turn existing models into a player models

Hey there, you modeling experts! I have a small request for you.

I was wondering if you could take these model, give it player anims and make them selectable in the playermodel chooser. I would be most greatful.

Here’s a link to the models: dl here

Here’s a pic of what the models look like:

Credits to Snood_1990 for making these models for me on another server. Not gonna burden him to make them into playermodels after all the hard work he’s done. Haha.

Are they rigged to the valve biped?

If you can model manipulate them onto a rebel or citizen npc, then they’re rigged to the valve biped, and I can make them playermodels.

They are rigged, yes. Full NPC anims too.

Alright, I’ll start working on it

Sorry for the wait right now, there are some errors with some facial expressions
Will upload soon, let me test them in model viewer

Much appreciated, sir!

Animations work and everything, but you forgot to include some of the materials.

The facemap for both of them is missing, and the coat model is missing her leg textures. If you could reupload those two then I can finish these

I’ll get right on that.

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Shit.; that was not the right texture… here’s the correct one. http://filesmelt.com/dl/materials46.rar