[REQUEST]Tutorial for player models in TTT

Hello, Im kinda new to this all, but i have a pointshop and i wonder how to add custom multiplayer player models to it.
I tried to add the batman and catwoman, but it did not work.
I also tried a Minecraft guy (blockdude), that did work.
I know how to set the fastdl, and the lua file and all, they download everything, but the player model just wont come up right.
Also i tried to add Headwear/eyewear, wish results in the same problem.
I hope someone can help me with this, it would be very much appriciated.

Thanks in advance,


The Minecraft guy has a name. His name is Steve.

Oh thank you, and sorry. But that does not really help me :P…

point shops are stupid and you are stupid.

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Well, thank you, but this doesnt help me… I appriciate the comments, but i’d still like to know how… Anyone has an idea? Else just dont comment please? Thank you :slight_smile:

buy a working pointshop? or update the one u have, or hire some1 to make it work?

Oh no no, it is working…
I just wondered how to add custom player models (skins) to it…
I tried many skins from garrysmod.org, but they didnt work.
I have no clue how to add them, and i really was hoping someone knew…

Skins and models are their separate thing. Skin is like an outfit, that you can make for some model. Make sure you actually download MODELS and not skins.

Alright, so i need Models. I figured that out. But when i try it, it just wont load up…
It just pops up as a big ERROR.
Ive tried this model called ‘Blockdude’, that one suprisingly worked…
I dunno how, and i dunno why, but i really would like to have some custom player models…
Thank you for your reply, but its not helping me.
Hopefully anyone can explain me how to install them correctly.
Thanks again!

You did ForceDL? Make sure you put correct filepaths…

He needs to know where to put the files, so lua models and materials basically. I’d say but none of my models are working and im not sure if it’s because i put them in the wrong folders. But can anyone else write a step by step guide on where to put each folder for playermodels?

I will later today if no one else does.

Please I need help

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we’d love to help but you give no details
tell EXACTLY what you did

Ain’t that greed, charging JUST to get pointshop working.

That’s like, 10-15 minutes to help someone.

This is a rather old thread, if code_gs didn’t make a tutorial then I will when I have a bit of time.

What do you need help with EXACTLY?

Just add me and I will help you out.