[Request] Uptown Riders Models from GtaIV TLAD

Okay so i would like these models ripped from the game gta iv tlad, so i can place them in 3ds max and rig them to a different game

DeSean from Uptown Riders

Malc from Uptown Riders


And any other uptown riders models, i would appreciate it if they came with textures too :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be nice to have the Lost MC and AOD guys too. We don’t have enough bikers.

I’m still waiting for that damn Rhapsody.

So can anyone rip these from the game then lol?


Lets just hope somebody can give us these models lol

There are tools to get their models with the original bones and weights, if you need them that way.

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Here are the tools, they’re for 3DS Max 2012. You also need Open IV to extract the models.

I would get them for you but I don’t have IV installed anymore

If any of you have Gta IV TLAD please just get openiv and extract the models for me :stuck_out_tongue: and textures :slight_smile:




Thanks so much :smiley: