Request: Vindictus models

I recently bought Garry’s mod and I really want to use some of the vindictus models, I’ ve seen tutorials, but the software required to decrypt the hfs files doesn’t even open on my pc, I have tried about everything, and cant get it to work, so I guess my last chance is that someone friendly enough uploads these models, or links me to them. Thank you very much ^^

I’d be glad to do this, but I was having a hard time fixing the textures. If someone can post a quick tutorial on how to do that in GIMP, I can begin uploading these models.

look here my friends! :smiley:

mralexs - Thanks, but I’ve already done everything in that tutorial. The problem is with the texturing. It’s pretty vague on how to de-saturate what looks like color masks on the armors. I can get them looking roughly like the picture in the tutorial, but it’s practically black and white. I don’t know how to get decent looking colorful armor out of the textures.

The gnolls, if you haven’t seen this before.