[REQUEST]Warface Weapons Models

[REQUEST]Warface Weapons Models
I’ve tried google search about this but no result…
Here are some weapon lists:



and much more…

You can find and download Warface Russian version here: http://wf.mail.ru/node

So I was trying for awhile now to get the crytek sdk tools to work with max 2014 but I kept running into errors during the set up. I have the game files for the Steyr M9 pistol if any one has experience with making the crytek tools work and is interested in porting the pistol into some format (max, obj, etc) that can be used to get the model into source than I would be pretty grateful. Animations, rigging, and all that are another story I’ll figure out later. I just would like to see a decent model of the steyr pistol in source, since there are few games or mods that have an existing model in decent detail.

I did have some of the other models from this game (in crytek engine format) which I can’t seem to find them right now, but if there is interest in porting other models from this game I can try and track them down again.

I managed to extract the models, I’m working on fixing them up and adding bodygroups.
I may possibly get the animations as well, but that’s the hardest part.

This may take some time to do, I’ll update if/when I get things going.

Sounds good. I could never get the sdk tools to work in max and am wondering if you maybe had similar issues when setting up the tools? Maybe I can help if I can figure out how to get the max plugins and scripts running.


just in case anyone has time here are the game files for the Steyr M9 pistol that I was not able to get to work