Request: Warframe and Gravity Rush

I kindly ask if you could create some Warframe models/ragdolls and/or Gravity Rush/Daze models/ragdolls. You may either create the models from scratch, or port them over. Your choice. I await you people’s answers. [del]Also, no need to credit me for requesting these, i am just some random person you don’t know.[/del]

EDIT: Crossed out an unneccesary line. Can we talk about the request now?

Why on earth would I do that?

As i said, i am some random person people don’t know. And i don’t want fame. I can do without it.

Hello? Anyone wanna help make this happen?

wrong section

you wouldn’t get fame anyway. you’re not being noble by turning down credit because nobody will credit you for coming up with the idea to port content from other games

I’m not that important anyway.

i thought this was for war frame, not arguments about stupid things. amd skorpior, those guys are dickheads so dont worry about what they say