REQUEST: White Forest Base

Would it be possible to connect maps ep2_outland_10a to ep2_outland_12a from Half-Life 2: Episode 2 into one big map without NPC’s, Scripts, etc. for Faceposing/Roleplay?

I Know it has been done here for the North Entrance:

To better understand it, I would like to connect the maps shown above into one big map with working doors and elevators with all NPC’s, Script’s, Sequences and other related things removed to make it like the map above.

Also, White Forest is the base in the upper maps. The actual forest in the other chapters are known as The Outlands.


Too big. It wouldn’t fit on the Hammer grid well, and you’d hit a bunch of limits. Maybe connecting the North Entrance with the area where you race Dog to White Forest would be fine, but the whole forest? Nope. It’ll probably be big enough if you combine just those two, and even then, you might hit a bunch of limits anyway. Hammer isn’t easy on ANYTHING big.

What about if you just do the base and not outside?

I wouldn’t want to do it, but that would probably be fine. Valve optimized all of that already, and since it’s all indoors, it actually works out pretty well in that not much needs to be done really, just a few pieces stitched together. I could be wrong, since I haven’t seen how any of it looks in the SDK and that I haven’t played Episode 2 in a while now.

Ok, anyone who want’s to do it can do it. Maybe if it gets done we can get it up on so everyone can use it.

Yeah to be honest this wouldn’t be a half bad I dead. The only problem with making something like this is a couple reasons.

  1. It’s fucking huge

  2. The amount of time it would take to make it would be immaculate

  3. Paulisdead18 is correct. It would end up not even fitting the grid if you tried.

  4. If you were to compress it to fit the grid it would look so mindfucked nobody would use it

That is for underground that is c:

thank you for repeating everything that was already mentioned in the thread.

I Already put that we should only put the inside. The fact that we can make maps like big city and flat grass so big makes me wonder why we can’t do the interior of the bunker/base. We have already excluded the exterior for space issues.

There was already something like this in the releases forum. Too bad Garrys trahsed it and everything in it.

ah, here’s a link

Outland 10 and 10a. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I am downloading it now.

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It only has a very small part of the bunker and it is destroyed and inaccessible. I will try the older version and see if it is any better.

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It is ok, but it doesn’t really have any Episode 2 content and isn’t very interesting.

Immaculate? The time it would take to make it would be spotless?

Would it be possible to splice the maps together or would this not fit in the limits (One again the bunker only, Not the outside).

I’ve never seen it in hammer, but from what I remember of it you should be able to, yeah.

Let me take a look at it.

Good, so we are looking at ep2_outland_11, 11a, 11b & 12a. For the doors i think there is already an opening and closing animation and for the elevator in 11 we can add a simple control panel.

Add me on Steam, I’ll talk to you about it there

By the way, if you want me or somebody else to do this you have to pay them. I mean… I don’t even know if it’s possible to pull this off. Basically, I’ve had to decompile the maps since there is no original .vmf file, this has seriously messed it up. It will take a lot of hours to pull this off, so if you’d like it done, throw some money on the table.

Honestly, I don’t think stitching them together would be too hard (I just happened to look at the vmfs a couple days ago), but I think making all the doors and elevators functional would be quite tedious, or at least more than I want to do right now.

Plus it depends on how much functionality you still want left in (magnussons, silo doors, ability to launch rocket, etc.)

Personally I think a fully usable, spruced up version would be really cool, but again its about being willing to spend the time on it, which I am not.

You’re right, it’s pretty easy. You don’t need to be skilled to do this, but my god it takes time. I’ve done the first one and I spend like five hours on it. You gotta go through every part and look for everything that’s not needed.

So no, it’s not difficult, but it sure does take a long time.

Doom has put Part 1 of 4 of it on If anyone want’s to download it feel free to:

Alright just tried stitching 10a, 11, 11a, 11b, and 12b together (very roughly, no models or anything, just world brushes and the occasional displacement).

What I’ve noticed is that it looks like the 11s were originally designed as one map and then later split up, hence the same number, so they all fit together nicely, but 10a, 12, and 12b (the three exterior portions) on the other hand, don’t fit so well with the rest.

So while a seamless interior base is possible, adding an exterior is just too problematic without some serious redesign (at which point it stops being the authentic White Forest anyway)

Here’s what it kinda would have looked like, though:


But the interior main silo wouldn’t line up with its exterior counterpart:


And the secondary silo wouldn’t line up with anything at all, really:


Plus there’s a ton of weird stuff like this:


But again, the interior portion by itself is entirely possible.

Why do you keep saying “we”?