Request, willing to pay

I am looking for someone expirienced with lua to code a few simple things, and point me in the right direction with a few other things.

First thing is 2 Items for dark rp, both related to money printers.
This is a bit of a copy of another servers item, but it is a great idea and would like it,

A cooler, that attaches to printers and has a number of charges, a charge used each time money is printed. The charges are reset when the user presses E on the printer/cooler. Keeps the printer from ever overheating.

A collector, also attaches to the printer, no charge limit.
Holds all money the printer makes, so rather then popping out into the game, it stays in the collector/printer and the hovering name when you look at it shows how much money it has.

I will explain more in depth if you are up for the challenge, please contact me.

We will discuss payment as well.

If you have enough money to give to people on the internet for this you sir have too much money.

Well, I’m sure nobody would do something like that for free :frowning:




No payment.

Info’s in the download.

Way to steal from iGmod.

Pro copycatting.

Fcking cnt. That’s all i can say.

What’s your server’s IP?

This is the internet no need to censor your words…