Request with a story: Douglas DC-2 plane

Hello everyone,

I’ve always been interested in history, that’s why I’m an amateur-historian (doing research, publishing etc.) and a living-historian (Playing in movies, living display in museum and re-enactment).
There’s an event taking place at the Aviodrome in Lelystad, the Netherlands on the 4th and 5th of july. (
“We” will re-create the landing of the most famous airplane in the Dutch aviation history: the Douglas DC-2 “Uiver”.
I’m there as a civillian, as well as more civillians, police officers, soldiers and ground personell. There will be 4 crew members and a handfull of passengers in the plane itself.

The poster:

Now, what I’m requesting is a model of this airplane.
I don’t know if it’s hard, but I have plenty of high quality pictures. I bet there are scans of model kit’s instructions floating around on the net as well.

Here’s a general picture:

Huge gallery, all of them are photographs of the Uiver:

Technical details and different views:

Of course the interior is preferred, but in no way a priority.
Go Facepunch, go!

As an added bonus, I’ll post the pictures of the event after it’s over.

Isn’t that a DC-3?

What, where?

The thing you are requesting. And apparently not, the production of DC-3 was started 4 years after DC-2.

I thought you meant a specific picture.
So no, it’s a DC-2.

Well, the event is over, is was a great succes.
Here’s a video of the local TV station:

As promised, some pictures, I’m the one in the middle with the gray hat:

Is there anyone willing to rip the model from a flight sim?

If I can be bothered finding out how to get models from Flight Sim 10, then I might help.

I just saw a shiny and sparkling DC-3 fly yesterday, just thought I’d mention. :v:

There’s one in an airfield near me that belongs to a flying club thing.

HiddenMyst, that’s great.
Anything I can do to help?

PLing, hitch a ride in one, those planes are awesome.

You could find out how to get the model into 3dsmax.

What format would it be?

Oh yeah, we need planes from that. Were there any civ planes in there?

I only just realised that FSX lacks a DC-3… If I can get a model ripping program to work, what other planes would you want?

It’s a DC-2, but there is one in a flight sim, look at this video:

Most of the civ airliners of course

One note:
Every ripped model I’ve used had the following problems:
was either REALLY light, or REALLY heavy,
Had a sort of invisible layer over it, making it impossible to make flyable,
Same problem as above, which made it hard to move with phys gun,
Just wanted to say :smiley:

Collison models?

I have a model now, but I don’t know if I can port the smooth groups correctly.
The program that can import and export FSX models doesn’t export smoothing. Does anyone know if 3dripper DX supports smoothing?

I think it does.

Sounds like you had the default box collision model. You have to make your own collision model if you want it to follow the plane’s shapes.