[Request] Working GMR.

Trying to find this gamemode like 1 month…

And i saw many servers that are running the same gamemode and version of gmr so that means it’s a leaked gamemode.

Thx for helperz :D.

Sorry, no leaked contents for you.

I’m pretty sure that asking for leaked content gets you a ban. Might want too snip that OP :tiphat:


I didn’t knew it…

So is there some1 that can help me with some simple MySQL?

What do you need help with specifically? What aspect of MySQL.
Setting up a Database?

Download the Mysql module from: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=241247

  1. Upload the database you downloaded to a mysql hosting site such as http://d b 4 f r e e . n e t

  2. Now to link the gamemode to the DB, go to gamemode > init and edit line 24 and 45 where it says "putyourshitherenofear

this is what i need.

please if some1 has Skype or something we can do it through Team Viewer.

db4free.net is slow