Request: World in Conflict USSR/Soviet Vehicles and props

Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone out there has porting skills and World in Conflict

Sorry about the 1am clusterfuck image, to simplify it, I just need the East Bloc/USSR vehicles and the two naval props(Typhoon Class Submarine and USSR Frigate)

Add me on Steam and I’ll talk about something in return for porting these

This has BMP’s and the Soviet air drop plane:

It doesn’t have the models I wanted though, whatever I put in the picture hasn’t been ported yet.

I support this.
Could we also get the Ekranoplanes?

Bumping because I’m offering FarCry3 to anyone who ports the vehicles listed in the picture.

Wait, what the fuck was I thinking when I posted that, you didn’t request a BMP at all.

why hasn’t anyone ported all of these already anyway

Okay I’m going to raise it to FarCry3 Deluxe Edition, I really need these vehicles.

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Alright hang on I might have Rinfect doing it

I wish i had the same economical state as yours, Tbone :v:

Update: Land vehicles in the picture have been ported successfully along with the two helicopters, Zu-23 was scrapped due to low quality, Typhoon Class Submarine has been ported successfully. Frigates are lost somewhere in the editor files along with the call-in support aircraft(including the Drop Plane Il-76)

If anyone can help retrieve the USSR call in support aircraft and the two frigates from the Seattle mission, I would greatly appreciate it.



Yes I know i am bumping this thread, but I want these really badly.

is it really so hard to type ONE SINGLE WORD into search field?

Yes, I have those. I was referring to the heavy AA guns (Strela-10) and the APC (BTR-80). The only BTR-80 I have found on or on the workshop is the MW2 one, and it is a pretty crappy ragdoll.

send a pm then.

Did that three days ago. I haven’t gotten a reply