Requested Models: Nehellenia and her Mirror Paredri

I believe the title says it all. This is Sailor Moon Related.

I’m working on my sequel machinima that involves the Moe GlaDOS transforming into Queen Nehellenia in terms of interest. GlaDOS borrows her powers and minions, the Mirror Paredri for a time being. When GlaDOS is defeated, she reverts back into her moe-self and letting the timeline in Sailor Stars run its course. In shot, GlaDOS borrows Nehellenia’s Body and Power; GlaDOS reverts back and Nehellenia returns back to the original Anime.

Pictures for references (Don’t know them? Watch the anime… or Google more pictures.):

Queen Nehellenia:

Mirrir Paredri (with and without claws) (I know. I could easily use the L4D witch and color her blue, but it would be tricky to pass it off as a Paredri):

In total, that’s 3 models. The models don’t have to be playermodels but that’s your choice. I need them for ragdolls (I can animate them using Henry’s Animation Tool) for placements, because I might use the anime footage directly and add the GlaDOS dialogue (Like a ‘Fanboy Soze’ or a ‘DBZ Abridged’ parody). Faceposer and Eyeposer is optional, but I don’t recommend it.

Any help is appreciated and your contributions will be credited in the machinima.





I can’t do this by myself. Whoever helps me will be greatly credited in my machinima.

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Once a week is considered more than tolerable for this. Generally, bumping once a day is considered the most you can do without being banned.

However, Kavaren, I would suggest you find an alternative model to use. When producing a machinima, it is generally better to write characters that you can find models for, rather than writing the exact characters you want and hoping someone will happen to make the models you need, unless you yourself can make them.

Also, if there are any games featuring these characters that you could point potential modellers to, that would help them. It’s far easier to port an existing model from one game to another than it is to make a model from scratch.

There are no preexisting models. It’s from an Anime, not a game. Would it help if the Asuka Langley (Plug Suit) model was reskined for the Mirror Paredri: would that be easier?

Asuka Langley (Plug Suit):