requestin 4 modles (furry ones)

ok this is suppose to be a gift for my gf (cant afford anything… still in school so thoughtfull is all I can give)

if your ok w/ that… an the fact that its a FURRY… fully clothed… mostly… no “naughty areas” unclothes

I got 4 models (I can give pics which show scale and everything) that I would like made… 2 is acceptable as well… but least tell me so I can pick not just do w/e 2 you like heh ^^"

these are our RP chars… so yah… I don’t want them out on websites like or anything for mass DL :frowning:

Im not going to show these on the thread, only to the person who decides to make these models… so… yah contact me on the board and Ill send the pics to you heh ^^"

and yes the reson bind the hearts icon is cuz its for my GF so >_>

Show the reference pictures in the thread. There’s no reason not to.

If you want to request something, you should put reference, because how the modeler will know about that, or just put the links of the models or the images here

What models?

Far out, all the new people joining have atrocious spelling and grammar.

Isn’t it sad? I’m new to Facepunch and you don’t see me going “HI GUYZ THS IS MY FIRST POST MAKE ME THIS 4 ME WITHUT PIC CUZ IT BAD”

Far out, join date elitism.

\on topic

I immediately expected this furry model request to be a complete sex doll.

Will never get done

  1. clock… your going the wrong way… you go to the 12 then the 1 not the 1 then the 12 lol xp

  2. cake… look b-hind you… GlaDos is looking for you XD

  3. I said they are (mostly) clothed… so wtf made you think nikkd? >_>

  4. its something I want done for my GF…so…yah… reason why I didn’t wanna show it for everyone to make some lame copy of it … but fine guess Ill attempt to trust you all w/ them … links inbound >_>

set 1

set 2


I know the names suck… but yah… I didn’t feel like making the file names so uber epic >_>

if you aren’t gunnu do all of them… at least do set 1… those 2 are her fave… and yah… sorta feel sorta silly cuz my chars are more complex looking then hers >.<

Furry model requests never end well. Usually they end with a large flame war and no model coming out of it. And on the rare occasion any models do come out of them then they’re really shittily made.

Second life is a prime example of why 3d modelled furry stuff looks fucking terrible.

…and i just realized the references are from second life. Oh well.

Don’t know if you noticed but nobody really cares.

And they look awful, don’t know what made me click those links.

I really doubt the fact that anyone would want to render a furry model, seriously logic states over 70% of the internet hates furrys =D, on another subject- it will never get done.

Why don´t you take something with more…humanity…it would be really hard for port them, also, that´s an Online game,don´t you? I can fell it from some reason.

yeah Sora… IMVU… we had some people make them for us and I havent seen a tutorial on how to rip items from IMVU cuz they are all stored server side :frowning:

and ya I know… its a program w/ bad graphics so some touch ups would be appreciated >_>

and Renamonz… you seem as if you like the fact that most of the net hate furrys…even though its obvious you are a furry as well ~.~

Floater… I know… but a friend in FUG clan told me to try here (its a steam group) so… figured worth a shot

if any of you have a “100% furry friendly” modeler forum for g-mod that you know of… Im all ears ~.~

It’s not join date elitism, its the fact that people joining dont seem to know how to spell properly.
Also that they always seem to use the following emoticons.
>.>,^^,XD, ~.~.
Hes using them in every damn sentence.

Hmmm…i knew it!, but that´s not the theme, but, if there can be riped from IMVU that characters, why don´t from Atlantica Online? I would like to see the exorcist, the cavalier, the beast trainer, the panzar, the archer, i play this game, but i think if i want attention, i should request an “Atlantica Online Model Request”

Have you even SEEN my join date? I JOINED LAST OCTOBER. How can I be a Join Date Elitest?

I’m pretty sure such place doesn’t exist.

simple Sora… Atlantica has pre-set chars… if I made an RP char based on them I would basically much have no imagination and be letting games do the thinking for me, like you let atlantica do for you :3

oh btw Sora… I suggest you change your icon… the “defult” one screams beber fever heh

and I know some furry friendly forums/groups/ect/ect like the FUG and Free Frag groups on steam for example… but none of them know how to make G_mod stuff lol

and Aracnid… have I used any of the emots you say “us newbs” use on every sentence in this post? :slight_smile:

“Also that they always seem to use the follow emoticons.
>.>,^^,XD, ~.~.”

and btw… notice how Im not trolling… just explaining things and making lame puns and other peoples “smart” comments… not all furrys are noobs/sex addicts xp

I mean if it isn’t made here… I can spam another forum… and eventually come back here if/when I run out of places to ask, then start the circle all over again HAH!

hell Im willing to w8… I can make this part of her b-day gift or X_mass gift or w/e… though I will need to find another thing for V-day… and I cant really afford much atm though… thnx allot collage :frowning:

ohh you would loose that bet HANDS DOWN. im more of a furry hunter myself so, GF? also, why dont u look who i am before u call me a furry seriously, im one of the most anti furry ppl on the internet despite the fact renamon is a digimon but you take that as a furry I see a child with no brain has created a facepunch!-meaning blaze1-