Requesting a 3D Modeler

First off, I would like to apologize if this is the wrong section to be posting this.

I am of need of a modeler. Willing to pay of course. I only have a few specifications in what I would say is my “hiring process”.

1.) Need to be open minded to ideas and styles
- Anime or just bizarre ideas in general.

2.) Communicate in a timely manner (i.e. don’t wait forever to do the work or even respond for that matter)
- I understand people have busy lives, it’s just to point out I’ve been burned in the past after paying for work and not receiving any of it.

3.) Willing to work with me if something needs re-tweaking
- Basically so I feel it’s right in my opinion. I pay extra if something goes wrong or need more added to it.

If it means anything, Plasmid can back me up in that, yes, I pay for the work I give out.