Requesting a custom TF2 character (The Nurse)

Basicly I want an assistant for the medic, the ideal thing being a nurse.

I do not have any pictures, but what I’d imagen is a blonde girl with glasses like the medic’s wearing a classic nurse outfit (nothing naughty now).

So, what do you say?

I have never seen a nurse for tf2 before, I do remember someone making a Female medic some time ago.

It wasn’t that horrible anime one, was it?

No, it fit quite well with TF2’s overall style. Go search the threads for it, once it’s done you can ask him for a ragdoll.

Is it likely to be finished?

In a few months, well after the Engineer update.

Do you think you could provide a link to the thread? The search is being rather poor at this time.

Happy to help.

Thank you very much!