Requesting a fix on an addon

Encountered a problem with the Dismemberment Mod, requesting a fix to it.
I’m asking for it here because nobody is updating it anymore but people do use it frequently.
I remember that an update on Gmod broke many addons, so that may be the problem.

Script error:

[ERROR] addons/dismemberment_mod/lua/autorun/dismemberment.lua:3778: attempt to
index a nil value
  1. Gore - addons/dismemberment_mod/lua/autorun/dismemberment.lua:3778
   2. fn - addons/dismemberment_mod/lua/autorun/dismemberment.lua:1951
    3. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:179

I’m not that much of a lua wizard myself, so…

EDIT: Only seems to occur in multiplayer server.

Can you post the file in a Pastebin please?

There’s multiple files, do you want a direct download?

Post the file that’s erroring.

I can put it as download if you want.