Requesting a Luigi Rag Doll with Eye and Face Posability

Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if it is possible to make a Luigi model that you can actually face pose and eye pose with a movable mouth, because the only ones I have seen have been just the normal rag doll but you couldn’t face/eye pose them. I have no clue about how to model or make rag dolls at all so I don’t even know how plausible this is to do. If anyone could possibly make this I would it would be appreciated, I wanted to start making Gmod Machinama and I would love to have this Luigi model to use in them.

P.S - If this isn’t possible could someone just make a model skin on a HL2 character that has Luigi’s clothes and mustache?

Thanks for looking and for the help, I really appreciate it!

Not sure if it still works but you could try

If you’re desperate theres always this :v:

Thanks man! I’ll try out that Luigi and if he doesn’t work the Engie will work fine. :v:

Dang, I don’t know why but I can’t get the Luigi model to work for the engie Luigi, it only has the Mario engie show up but not the Luigi one.

Try skin switcher.

Yeah skin switcher worked but now after messing with this for so long I find out that even tho its the tf2 Engie it isn’t face pose-able, dang there is just no Luigi model that you can move the mouth and eyes on it seems…

The engie is faceposable, he just doesn’t have the circle around his head.
So it’s hard to tell if you can face pose him.