Requesting a model. Please help?

Would someone be willing to convert this model for the GMod Workshop? It’s Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) from Twisted Metal. I should hope this would be fairly easy considering the character is already available for Source FilmMaker, but I’ve no knowledge or experience in how this works. The page is here:

So for a while now, I’ve seen quite a few people that would love to see Sweet Tooth in GMod. I would be one of those people of course, and I’d love to see a ragdoll and possibly a playermodel, but just a ragdoll is fine for now. As a Twisted Metal fan, it would be a real treat to see this, and I know there are many other fans that would want to see Sweet Tooth in GMod, too!

So… pretty please?

From another thread similar to this. Physics models aren’t hard to make, decompile a ragdoll from the workshop and see the physics models for a reference.

I appreciate you trying to help by giving me a bit of info, but I haven’t the first clue of how to work with this stuff. I’m also occupied with a project that I need to complete soon, so I’m not exactly in a position to learn what all goes into this. That’s why I’m requesting this.