Requesting a perp3 coder. Or some help. Willing to pay.

Hi, I need a perp3 coder, to help me fix this issue, i have setup all the files, have made the sql, everyone is telling me that my server cant connect to the sql, i have the modules such
as tmysql and all that good stuff. Supposivly my version of perp doesnt require smf. but it looks like it does :confused: Anyways my issue is when i connect to my server it says “Refreshing request for SMFID” Then after like 30 seconds it says “Reconnecting in 5 seconds” ect then it reconnects and does the same process again :/. And my sql is all correct i even made my own register.php with the steamid function, and made an smf just incase the smf really was needed.

Willing to negotiate offer, or give free vip on my server if it works. or depending how awesome you are maybe both :smiley:
Or if you can point me in the right direction in this thread ill give you vip for sure! :smiley:

Thank you,
Alex Napoles.

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**Position status: Occupied

Thanks. I have some one.**

Using lua hiring thread, also, you’re not allowed to advertise about leaked gamemodes

How do you know it’s leaked?
If he wants to call his gamemode perp3 let him go ahead.

Uh huh, so if I decide to call my toilet cleaner brand “Coca Cola” I won’t get sued.

That’s not how trademarks work dude.

I couldn’t find any results for Perp3, im pretty sure it doesn’t exist yet.

PERP 3.0 doesn’t exist. Its just a edited PERP 2.5. Same goes for 5.0… Its not worth running a PERP server anyway, considering i had one, it was the worst thing ever. All you’ll find is a bunch of 12 year olds CDMing each other. Then you’ll ban them and then they’ll use daddy’s ddosing software for there butthurt revenge. I speak from experience, don’t waste your time with it.

Usually when the version number increases it’s an edit and not an entirely new gamemode?

Ya, but people on steam seem to think that PERP ‘5.0’ and ‘3.0’ are some HUGE KICKASS NEW GAMEMODE, when its just some kiddie scripter adding small things to it everytime.

Thanks, because I’m that ‘skiddie scripter’. :rolleyes:

Good for you.

PERP5.0 is epic
BUT! It shouldn’t be called five, maybe 3.5 or 4 because I dont remember 4 or 4.5

inb4ban, Perp should be Destroyed

I took *gaming’s PERP, changed around ~30 lines of code and then sold it for 100 dollars twice. Kids go crazy for PERP.