Requesting a reskin of HL2 Items/ragdoll.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly reskin some HL2 items to have this logo on them:
Preferably things like the medkit or an ammo crate. In addition if at all possibly could you please reskin the combine soldier model to bear the logo (Possibly colors?) as well? Anything at all is greatly appreciated.

Pictures of logo on the our building(In case you wanted to see it first.):

Sure I could do it, but do you want it hexed? I don’t feel like hexing something today but I could easily make the skin.

If you really need it urgently i could hex it for reflectent

Okay I finished the medkit, SMG ammo crate, and the supply crate.

What color scheme did you have in mind for the Soldier?

Red, black and Blue. And with the logo on the arm band.


Red, black and Blue. And with the logo on the arm band. And thank you for doing this.


Double post auto merge??? Damn itouch thinks it knows.

Nice idea, I take it’s for a half life 2 RP server? What text is that the words are in and where did you find it? Also, if you need anything else reskined I could help also.

Logo was custom made by our communities dev team. So I cant answer the question about font. Its not HL2 RP either, its a completely original story line. Heres the link to the forums if you want to see about the font: . And as far as other skins, the cs_office computer/monitor would fit quite well now that I think about it.

ok, thanks. I’ll look into the monitor/computer. Also I searched the forums I couldn’t see anything about the font.

Alright, thanks. And reflectent, can I have a link to the stuff you made please?