Requesting a RP map!

Hey I’m terrible in Hammer and I run a gmod RP server and I and the staff want a custom map here is the layout:

willing to pay £10 for it… Can’t do anymore then that sorry and here is a rough list of things:

*A prison with 10 cells open all with 1 button like jailbreak maps
*A public pool with changing rooms… showers and a slide/interactive fun thing
*A protected house for the mayor
*A house where swat can see a overhead view of the map and plan actions (Not live view of city)
*Residential houses w/ Garages
*Football pitch
*Roads big enough for cars


Hm… Might want to get a mod to move this to the “Requests” section, as it’s in the wrong section right now. Also, sadly, unless someone is really interested in this, they wont do it for that little amount of money. Now, I don’t ask for money for mapping and all, but most here do and much more than that, especially since this isn’t a small project. Best of luck to you though, and I hope you find someone who can help you.

Hey, a nice request for a change.

It doesn’t look that big to me and has a simple layout.
If I wasn’t working on other maps I would make if he didn’t offer money.
Maybe I will start it if no one else does.

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Hmm, well I guess some of the houses and buildings are supposed to be pretty big.

You can’t just give a set amount for payment. You have to pay for how good the mapper is, and how long it takes to make it. If he takes 6 months to make it, of solid work, then £10 simply won’t suffice.

Can if be cartoony with tf2 stuff or just use normal hl2 stuff?

HL2 things mostly and sorry for the big ask for that little money but i’m quite poor and dont want to be rude… :confused:

You said you had staff right? Well, if you’re really serious about this map, ask people to tip in a bit. If everybody give 5-10£ and you have at least 4 members, you’d have a very decent amount of money for the mapper. Trust me, do this and your map will be created.

I would probably do it if the money amount was upped a bit.

Coming soon
Need 3d skybox and just more stuff in general.[/t]

The brushwork is kind of doll and blocky in my opinion. Get a bit more creative. Stuff like a hallway is so much better if it’s not completely linear. Doing stuff like carving the side in a bit makes it look so much better, and it also allow you to add more props which often increases the whole feel of the hallway.