Requesting Alexander from Final Fantasy

I would really like to see this in garry’s mod since he is so cool and powerful, I really wish this was a real model. Is there anyone able to rip this or make it?


Seeing as nobody has posted saying they will, i doubt anybody actually will do it or somebody may be doing it (Slim chance) and just hasn’t posted.

Don’t rely on this forum for requests to much, none of my requests have ever been done.

Or IF you’re going to bump, Wait a week, then repeat.
If after 3 times of week after week of no one else talking, probably best to assume no one cares.

Well Alexander doesn’t need any bone structures to pose if you notetis that he doesn’t move any body parts.

So he’s just one solid model? I thought he was like a giant walking castle knight thing (I never played FF so I don’t know).

Naw, in FF8 his forward… um… “legs” move, but that’s not really needed. For Gmod ya could probably just make it a prop. Unless you were doing the FF9 Alex’ in which case that’d need giant poseable wings.
Smallest img I could find: