Requesting Army men models

Hello i am requesting army men models. Not Dod:s Reskins i have thoose. like

I don’t really care how bad the graphics are. I am making comics with Army men, and i need more models like a sarge and other main characters

Theese are from Army men Sarge’s War. Yes this game is for the PC. Is it possible to rig theese models?

Get the army men skins for dod:s and hex them. Problem solved!

Thing is i dont know how to hex. or model… or textureiz stuff. i am onleu a GTA modder.

I released some toy army men models a long time ago, like '06 or something. But one guy requested I make all the characters from Sarge’s Heroes. I never got around to it because I really never liked these games much. They always felt a little uninspired, or forced…

yeh. they were…