Requesting Ballistic Weapons Model Ports

Yes. I’m Back, Sorry about that.

Ballistic Weapons took UT2004 by storm, And I was wondering if it is possible to port a few models from the mod?

RTB has volunteered to help but I feel as if there might be someone else Generous* enough to help as well.

Would someone mind helping? All I ask is for the 3rd person models.

Mod can be downloaded here:

*I sure hope generosity exists around here

Why are you requesting if you already got someone to do it?

Because, like I said, Someone else might want to help. You never know.

EDIT: Why must everything I say sound so stupid?

The models are HERE:

I know that I included them all BUT I actually only want 5 to be ported to Gmod…

The HAMR Artillery
The M75-TIC Railgun*
The Fifty-9 SMP
The G5 Bazooka
And The Lighter* (Forgot its actual name)

*Has a backpack that I pefer to be edited out.

In the very unlike situation where you feel like making more, go ahead!
Don’t forget to make the weapon sizes realistic as usual.