Requesting beta testers for my 2nd map: gmdm_airbattle (LONG post warning)

**NOTE When making suggestions about adding things to the map, please keep in mind that this is only my second project in Hammer, and my skill level is still firmly in the Beginner range.

NOTE #2 Due to my sleep problems, I’ll probably be going to sleep soon after posting this. I wanted to get the download and the thread going for those people who want to download it and try it on their own systems. Soon after I wake up I’ll probably load the map onto my passworded server and see if anyone wants to join me for some informal brainstorming/testing.

NOTE #3I know I didn’t yet finish it on my other map, but I will be crediting all beta testers who give constructive feedback. (in other words, “it sucks” isn’t going to get anyone’s name on the final download page… but polite constructive criticism will) I’ll also be going back and finishing that on gm_wastelands at some point.**

What is this map? It’s sort of a gimmick, I admit. Two futuristic flying carriers facing off in midair, so you can build planes on them and fight each other in the air. No ground, no water, just blue sky all around. (might attempt some clouds or haze later) There are three takeoff/landing strips on top of each carrier, plus a launch tube directly off the hangar deck. Entry to the hangar deck from the flight deck can be done by ramp or by large elevator. There are up and down buttons on both floors to summon the elevator. (they’re also close enough to the platform that you can use them while standing on it)

I’ve provided multiple methods of getting from one deck to the other on foot. Aside from the large elevator, there is a network of corridors running around and through the ship. There are functioning ladders in two different places to get from the hangar deck to either the catwalks above it or to the flight deck. You can take a ramp from the catwalk up into the bridge tower.

What this map is not is an RP map. If you find that you want to use it for that, great… but I’m not going to throw in a ton of ship details (like a detailed engine room) for a map intended to be a large wide-open build map.

What am I asking of you? I suck at building flying vehicles. I need people adept at building planes to give the map a thorough flogging and see if it holds up decent framerates while you’re flying around… and I also need to know how well your flying vehicles get around while landed on the carriers. I’d also like feedback on what details you’d like to see put in, but please keep the note at the top in mind. I am still very much a beginner with Hammer. As an aside, my current plan is to release this pretty close to its current simplistic form, and then come back and do a refresh of the map later on when my experience grows. Working doors, custom textures, etc. So if you don’t see something go into this version, it may go in later.

Known issues:

  • I get lights bleeding into places they shouldn’t be, on occasion.
  • I get lights blinking that shouldn’t be blinking, when I view them with blinking lights nearby.
  • When in camera tool, the map gets significantly darker. (not sure if that’s the map’s fault or mine)
  • A few pieces of the angled flight deck are not perfectly aligned.
  • When the elevator is first used on a carrier, it doesn’t line up very well… but if you cycle through the floors after that, it works much better. (but still not perfect, no matter how many times I screw with the tracktrain or whatever)
  • Yes, I know it’s blocky and lacking finer detail. Some of this (the lack of excessive detail) is intentional. The rest is inexperience and frustration of trying to create something from scratch that has very little precedent. Pretty much all I had to start with was the Valiant from Doctor Who.
  • The ships are as far apart as I’m willing to place them. I wanted a little space around the back of each ship for people to be able to fly around. They are also roughly half way up the map, so you have plenty of space to fly above and below them.
  • I know some people think of it as “bad” when normal lights are close to a wall and create a glow on them… but one thing I will not be changing is how the inside of the launch tube is lit. I spent a long time getting that looking just the way I wanted it to look.

Now for a couple of pics that weren’t on the beta download page:

An overhead shot of the flight deck:

A distance shot of the launch tube. I know the pic doesn’t show a great deal of detail, but I wanted to show that there were some efforts made to make the hull more than a simple box:

An underneath shot of the launch tube and the hover thrusters:

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and thank you for taking the time to read all that. Sorry for the novel. Wanted to cover as much as I could before I logged off for the “night”. (but I’ll be around for a few minutes more, at least)

Why is there a battleship that’s floating…?

Not battleships.

I can help again if you want. I’m more of a Spacebuild kinda guy but I could come up with some flying abominations. Send me a PM and I’ll join ASAP.

cool but if you fall off… do you just keep falling or what?

Ps: that would suck


Good job! I’m probably just going to download the map though :slight_smile:

COOL! it would be comepletely cool, if you made it a battle SHIP, and it had a tube for submarines! it would still be a futurastic ship. mabey you should ask if you can copy the stealth ship and the attack ship from rp_planetfall.

good map, some imperfections but mapping king for you as i will find this REALLY handy :smiley:

Downloading (me and my friend love to build flying fortresses, and we have the WotS plane by Kakashi)

Yes, it is a great map, and I see a gametype coming for maps like this. Suggestions:
-Make the runways longer(for larger or slower ships)
-Turrets for AA purposes (possibly heavy cannons to attack opposite ship)
That’s about it. I could’ve easily done this in chat, but I like Facepunch more. And that War of the Servers Plane is very good, just a little unorthodox.

The problem with that is, at least as I see it: There are already a few other naval/ship maps coming out soon. I set out from the start to make these into flying aircraft carriers. I could go back and do another map later on, but I’d like to keep these as flying carriers.

I may be a little late to the party but I’d be happy to add some finer details to the ship.

Those carriers already eat up a significant portion of the map. If I make the runways too much longer, they’ll completely dominate the sky. Maybe with this rumored improvement to Source with HL2 Ep. 2 coming up, I can make the ships bigger. If it’s a significant improvement, I’ll definitely lengthen at least one runway per ship.

Ship-based guns are a possibility at some point. I want the initial map to be about combat between air vehicles that the players build… but later on I wouldn’t be opposed to the stuff you’re suggesting. I like the idea you mentioned last night of a CTF type gamemode where you had to build things to go back and forth between the ships. (assuming noclip was disabled) For something like that, I would definitely add guns to the ship. (or the players could build their own defenses, and I could make more spaces on the ship where they could place them and access them via the catwalk system)

I don’t think you need to add guns to the ship, but what you could do is add places that guns could go! Eg, emplacements along the edge of the runway (perhaps no more than 3 or so) with room for decent-sized props.

I was thinking of running ramps from the catwalks down to platforms underneath the runways… along that ribbing that supports the flight deck. That way people could build stuff that covers the sides from there, and top turrets on the flight deck just behind the elevator or up front by the ramp entrance for covering the top of the ship. Building turrets on the bottom, though… that I don’t know about. I don’t wanna cut up the lower hull too much… but I can probably come up with a way to put a small observation platform down there or something.

For anyone who hasn’t tried the map yet, there is an outer corridor that runs all the way around the ship. The corridors on the sides of the ship are enclosed, but at the bow and stern they are open to the outside. (and partially covered by guard rails) At the bow there’s an extended platform with a ramp where you can run up to the flight deck, and a similar but smaller ramp at the stern. (near the ladder exit by the elevator) There is also a catwalk that crosses the top of the hangar deck, with a ramp leading up into the bridge.

I don’t know why I’m so pleased with the catwalks… they’re just simple corridors/platforms/whatever… but I didn’t have them in earlier attempts at the ship, and I guess they make it feel (to me, anyway) a little less like just a box to build shit in.

I have my server up now if anyone is interested in kicking around on it and giving me some feedback in person.

Server name: gmdm_airbattle BETA testing
Server p/w: maptest2

it’s very good but it would be better is there was four of them and if thay were steerable

Why would I want to make them steerable? They’re meant to be stationary platforms from which to launch player-built vehicles. Also, with four of them, it would take up way too much of the airspace around the middle of the map. I want people to be able to fly all around the ships… above them, below them… dogfight with each other… the ships are just too big to go throwing more of them in there, I tend to think.

It’s a tough balancing act I’m trying here. I want people to notice the ships, but not so much that they take away from the intent of the map.

To get back to the other discussion about weapons on the ships: I tried making a functioning gun emplacement earlier in-game, and was mostly successful. Here’s an idea for turrets: Make something out of PHX props that you can sit in and turn with a motor, and tilt up and down with a winch or wire hydraulic for elevation, and use the Turrets tool to put guns on it. What I did was use a piece of 1x1 breakable glass or 1x1 wood to mount the Turrets to, so that the guns could be destroyed by enemy fighters. With advanced duplicator, such an assembly could be reasonably quickly put back if destroyed to simulate repairs to the main ship.

A remote turret could also be made with a normal camera… players could stand on one of the protected floors of the bridge tower and fire from there.

sure sign me up, I’ll be more than happy to lend you my mapping expertise.

I put the server back up just a moment ago, and I’m testing out making remote turrets.

Server name: gmdm_airbattle BETA testing
Server p/w: maptest2

Count me in!


IP Please.


Can you set sv_timeout to 99999 so that we don’t time out while trying to join?

I’ll be joining later today because we’re going paintballing, but if it gets canceled i’ll join ASAP.