Requesting EXPERIENCED LUA coder for Mod. Will pay a decent amount of cash!


I’m not sure if any of you were ever familiar with ********'s RP server in Garrysmod. It was quite a few years back, but if anyone can help me re-code something similar or better I am willing to pay. I’m looking for someone dedicated and experienced. I want this person to be able to update the server for me and keep on finding/fixing bugs. The reason why I said I want someone dedicated, is because I’ll keep paying you a very small monthly fee to update the server and fix/bugs. You don’t have to be online all the time and actively working after the mod is complete, but I do ask that you get the updates and bugs handled asap when we need them.

Active online
Have coded a game mod before
Microphone + ventrilo is a plus

How are you going to get paid?
If you have legit reviews, popular on this forum or any other reputable forum, mods you can show me, etc. I am able to give you a large deposit before you start working. If you don’t qualify for any of these, you will be asked to start on the mod first, and as soon as it’s available for beta show and to see you can actually handle this project, I will then give you a deposit to continue working. Regardless of experience, final pay will be given after the mod is complete and handed over.

Scared I’m a scam and won’t pay up?
I own a local restaurant in town, Thai Express Corporation. And I also own a web hosting provider, Zuya Host LLC. I have sos records and registration proof for both of these businesses that are under my name. I have no reason to be scamming. I’m also a verified business PayPal member.

How much?
I know this question is the one you’re most serious about, but really it all depends on how much effort you put into the mod and how good it turns out. If I saw you put in effort, but the mod sucks, I’ll still at least reward you something small like $50 - $100. But if you can get me exactly what I want, we’re talking about $400-600.

If you’re interested in this job, please e-mail me: PatrickN [at] ZuyaHost [dot] com or send me a private message. I’m new on this forum and I’m not sure how the PM system works, but you can always reply to this thread with your contact information. Remember, I like someone who’s active…if it’s hard to catch and talk to you online, I most likely won’t accept you to work on this project.

thanks!! :slight_smile:

More information please. So we understand what you need done.

Also, I’m curious as to the uncensored name of the RP server, otherwise I can’t really determine what needs to be coded etc.

Hi, if you guys could add me to steam we can talk further from there.

Steam username: Patrick5599

thanks! :slight_smile:


Add me also.

If you still need a coder, I have an advert for my coding here: