Requesting Experienced Lua Coders and Web Developer

I am the owner of a game server I created around 2 months ago. In less than two months, the server has been placed at rank 80 or in the 95th percentile. I am
currently the only developer and it gets annoying having to do everything yourself. I am NOT a 12 year old requesting someone to make a server for them so they can play with all their friends and perma-ban people all day. If you are a experienced mapper and want to help out, feel free to message me aswell.

The Server:

The Current Site:

What I am looking for:

A experienced Glua coder.
One who is able to custom code modifications
Experienced working with the DarkRP Gamemode (such as the inclusion of f4 tabs to derma and what-not)


Someone who is experienced coding PHP or HTML|CSS and maybe a little bit of javascript/ajax
Someone experienced with PHPBB or Vbulletin Modification (I’m not sure which I want to use yet)

– Both must be willing to communicate changes and be available at least a few times a week. You will NOT be payed for anything you do. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me on facepunch or the site.

Add me on steam: