requesting for Asuka Kazama

requesting for asuka from tekken 6,.
I know someone’s been working on tekken,. but there’s no specific player to be done next,.
so I vote for asuka,…if possible,. hehehehe

here she is:


plasmid is working on it.

Unfortunately, he is retiring.

sad :suicide:
anyways,. having asuka would be great,. hhehehehehe,.

Incoming sex poses from you.

I’m planning on making something like a wax museum,. hehehehehe,.
Iust want to add her in the collection

interesting,. now that you mention that,. I think I might do it,. but I’ll keep it private xD,.

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe :suicide:

Anyhoo, I support this…and I may take consideration into making the model myself but I can’t make any promises.

cool,. I won’t expect,. but I’ll wait,… thanks!!

hmm,. how much would it cost if someone takes this project as commision?
I might pay for it,…

You can’t pay someone for something that they didn’t create. If the model is ported from the game, paying the person that ported the model, it’s still not their creation.

Aside from that, I support this.

Aye. Paying someone to rip or port something that was made by someone else is illegal. It’s also pretty messed up.

Hmm…Ill support this. I don’t think many people are willing to port from consoles. Its been…2 years?..since Tekken 6 came out. If someone was going to do it, they would have already. But, I guess thats just a wild conclusion.

I have seen/heard someone saying they were porting the whole cast from Tekken 6. I don’t know if they’ve given up, forgotten about it, or lost the files. All I’ve heard was that someone was planning on getting the whole cast. I even had a thread for Tekken 6, and the person gave out the files with the models in them, although the downloads are dead.

I see, too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also read that post, there’s no update,.
guess we’ll just have to wait then.

Eh I’ll Support This

I’ll PM the person who said they were doing the cast. I’ll see if he had any progress or anything.

any news?