Requesting help with materials/rendering for an extracted model in Blender

I have a model of the Prophet of Truth that I got from Halo 3 using Adjutant, which I am now trying to render in Blender.[/t]

This is what I’ve got. I’m using the materials and such I got from the game, completely unedited, and rendering it in Cycles, but I can’t seem to get the skin tone to be as light as it’s supposed to be. In the games and such, his skin is supposed to be a fair bit lighter, while here he looks brownish/greenish. How can I get him to look how he’s supposed to look? I don’t quite understand what’s going wrong in the rendering process - do I need to add more light to the scene, do I need to add some kind of node to the material, or what?

This is my node setup for his head:

Also, as a side note - what’s the deal with .tif files? Sometimes I open them in photoshop or the Windows preview and they’re almost unusably transparent or light or miscoloured, but when I apply them to a model in Blender, it shows up perfectly in material view, but extremely dark in rendered view.

…Help, anyone? Please?

I think part of it might be the lighting in-game.

Alot of times, when you see the prophet, he’s in some form of ‘Heavenly’ or ‘Godly’ lighting. A perfect example is on the Ark in the Citadel, we see his dark side is quite a dark greenish brown, while his light side is very orange almost. This is just due to the nature of the lighting in the Citadel.

The other thing I’d suggest is possibly making the materials one shade lighter with GIMP or some other program you can edit the colors with. I don’t know much on the shade since I only work with .vtf files.