Requesting Help With My Gamemode

There could be a small payment or admin on the server if you do help.

The stuff i need is quite simple but lots of small things.

I am looking for these types of things that someone can help with:

  • Basic Money System
  • Basic Leveling system
  • A shop to spend money on (Simple Stuff)
  • Certain things showing above your head to certain people
  • Teams and classes in the teams
  • Earn XP to level up
  • Upgradable Attributes
  • Saving System and loading system

Thank you for reading and please post your questions and everything else you may ask.

Some of these are already made. - Money system - Leveling system
Their’s also a few shop mods.

Thank you for these.

I may be able to make the shop myself.

I just need to know how to save stuff.

To save stuff I would use a MySQL database. To learn how to use MySQL I would look at other scripts that use MySQL like

Note for the admin: Flawless has already been warned for not helping and saying random stuff in my threads

Please direct me to your thread or threads where I was warned

The Faceraper script is very useful.

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