Requesting help!

I just bought a server and I would like to put a DarkRP gamemod on it. So I try the auto-mod installatioon and it works. Now I need to create jobs and shipments, but every time I try it says that my coding is wrong! Also I want to make a nice server that is working as fine as all other RP servers. Also when i try to change skins for mayor it appears as a error on the server!

Thank you,


I really need help!


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I really need help!


You have to wait 'till your thread is on page 2 before bumping. Not 5 minutes.

If you’re failing at creating jobs in DarkRP then… it’s the most simple thing, ever. You have like 8 examples to go from. Copy paste and edit them.

Remember quotation marks >"<, parenthises >()< and stuff like that.