Requesting Hillary Clinton ragdoll/npc/player model?

Is there a Hillary Clinton ragdoll/npc/player model out there anywhere? I know there are George W, Bush and a Barack Obama ones, but I can’t find a Hillary Clinton one. Why? Thanks. (Mossman is NOT a good substitute for Hillary Clinton)

Probably because Hillary hasn’t been elected president. You’d be better off asking for a Bernie Sanders model instead.

But I don’t want to see Bernie Sanders attacked by zombies. :smiley: ( I didn’t realize you had to be President in order to have a ragdoll made of you.)

Is this a joke?

How do you see this as a joke? A simple question: “Is there a Hillary Clinton ragdoll/Npc/Player Mdl?”
If you know of one, disclose the information. If you don’t know of one, that doesn’t make it a joke. There are models of all kinds of famous people/heroes/cartoon characters, Agitha, etc.

Unless you’re willing to pay money for it, nobody here will bother making a completely new custom ragdoll.

Although it’s a little concerning seeing that more people favor Pewdepie, (however you spell it.) over a highly unpopular political candidate. (speaking of unpopular politicians, why isn’t there a ragdoll of Tony Abbot yet?)

Got it. Thanks.

Right? We could have him fight Hillary.

Sorry if I came off rude, I just thought it was an odd request is all. ^^ Unfortunately I don’t know of any model of her at all.

The only type of game that has Hillary in it is probably a flash game.

Ok . Thanks.