Requesting Kefka Model from Dissidia

Topic says it all. I cannot use the site search option and Google search finds nothing. If anyone could get it (or has it) that would be jawsome. Thanks.

Since I, too, would like this done, I’ll help the OP with the needed OP content:

He wants this guy, Kefka Palazzo:

Originally from the SNES game “Final Fantasy VI” (Final Fantasy III in the US), the best place to rip him from would be the PSP game “Dissidia: Final Fantasy”.

Should you need more images, check here.

I, too, would like this model. Unfortunately, I do not yet consider myself skilled enough to try this rip, so I cannot do it myself.

Thanks for the help G, wasn’t aware I was supposed to put all of that info in a post. There isn’t a sticky here for me to read. I guess if I find helpful info that you somehow haven’t, I’ll edit it in.

Wow, I never actually thought he looked that stupid.

I mean, the sprite doesn’t really look like a carnivale clown.

I know there’s a tool capable to view all the Dissidia and AC models on a default pose, but sadly I don’t know where to find it or it can be useful for this purpose.

Found two pages that may be helpful to those who understand tech jibba-jabba.